Anna Who Collection by Socialitte


Our Anna Who Collection has just been released to the Socialitte Family as of April, 2017!

Anna Who

The Anna Who Collection is tributed and inspired by legendary fashion icon, Anna Wintour. The character designed by CEO, Meghan Reilly emulates Anna Wintour in so many ways. With her trademark pageboy, bob haircut and jet black sunglasses, you cannot miss her. The famous Vogue editor is shown below with our original "Anna Who" design by Socialitte shown on our "Anna Who iPhone Case", now available for purchase! 

Anna Wintour Iphone Case 

Who is Anna Wintour?

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, also known as "Dame Anna Wintour," born on November 3, 1949 is a British-American journalist and editor.  Famously known for being the editor and chief of Vogue Magazine since 1988.

Anna Wintour Vogue

Anna Wintour has become a very important figure in the fashion world. She is widely praised for her eye for fashion trends and often supports younger designers. She is known for her demanding personality with has gained her the nickname, "Nuclear Wintour".

Karl and Anna

Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour not only share a love for fashion but are very close friends. Anna Wintour expressed her love for Lagerfeld in a heartfelt speech:

"Karl and I have shared many extraordinary moments over the years, and I'd gladly share a few of them with you, if it weren't for the fact that Karl, of all people, would be horrified. Why look back, when there is so much waiting in the future? More than anyone I know, he represents the soul of fashion: restless, forward-looking and voraciously attentive to our changing culture. It was Karl who realized, earlier than most, that ready-to-wear wasn't just couture-lite, but the vibrant center of the new, accomplished woman's lifestyle. At a time when many of his peers were seeking shelter in fashion houses, he branched out alone, designing multiple labels with enough electric energy to power all the billboards in Piccadilly Circus. I sometimes joke to Karl that he's a one-man superbrand – an image as iconic as the outline of a Chanel suit." -Anna Wintour to Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Who

Anna Wintour served as the inspiration for our Anna Who Collection, following our Karl Who Collection, seen above in the photo of our Best Selling, Karl Who Neon Cuffed Tee.  We are very excited to release this new collection to our followers and hope everyone loves it as much as they have loved our Karl Who Collection inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, which will also continue to evolve with new designs, such as our latest What Would Karl Do Vintage Tee.

Fashion is a way to express oneself without having to speak, and we feel these characters speak for themselves.  Our iPhone case is the first release of the Anna Who Collection and the apparel release will follow in the fall.  Stay tuned for whats text Socialittes!

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