Karl Lagerfeld - the next hotelier?

After perfecting the realm of high fashion/couture, and even mastering lower end brand collaborations, such as H&M with Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has decided to pursue a new venture, hotels and restaurants! 

Lagerfeld announced October 17, 2016 that he is launching his own line of hotels and restaurants, calling them Karl Lagerfeld Hotels & Resorts.  These upscale resorts will include members only clubs, restaurants, as well as residential buildings.  Don't underestimate Karl, for he has actually worked with hotels and restaurants before, contrast to most beliefs.  He actually oversaw a high end hotel in Macau, China as well as designed the space of a lobby in a Miami Condo Building.

What are Karl's favorite hotels?

Some of Karl Lagerfeld's favorite hotels to stay when he is traveling are, The Mercer, located in New York, La Reserve Ramatuelle in St. Tropez and Hotel Hassler, a luxury five star resort while vacationing in Rome.  

Perhaps these will give him some inspiration for his line? Stay tuned for the launch as Karl Lagerfeld joins the hotelier and restauranteur titles!

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