Many ask, Karl Who? Who is Karl? 
Our answer usually is followed with a chuckle because we can't imagine not knowing who Karl Lagerfeld is, but then again not everyone associates Karl with Lagerfeld. We have to remember that we are fashion enthusiasts who live and breathe Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.  Not everyone is just like us, nor do we want them to be.  At least we dont think... 
Karl Lagerfeld
The inspiration behind the first collection, KARL WHO COLLECTION by Socialitte is obviously none other than the famed German fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld.  Our CEO, Meghan Reilly has had quite the obsession with Mr. Lagerfeld since she can remember, possibly going all the way back to when she began reading Vogue Magazine at the age of ten. Why Karl, people ask? Well, Karl Lagerfeld stands for absolute, indefinite luxury.  He represents chic with an edge and someone that is not afraid to speak for themselves and stand out amongst the crowd.  "That is what fashion should represent,"states CEO, Meghan Reilly.  Fashion and style should be something that portrays how you feel without having to speak a word.
Karl Lagerfeld Quote
The collection and brand, Socialitte certainly stands behind that.  The Karl Who Collection emerged by Socialitte at the end of 2015 and represents a Karl Lagerfeld cartoon character that is inspired and tributed to him.  It is a brand that is completely and utterly designed to pay tribute to the famed, fashion icons that have made an impact to us.  We can't think of anyone more perfect to represent the first character than Karl Lagerfeld amongst many to come in the future.
Lagerfeld and WIntour
 The mini Lagerfeld cartoon wears the black and white chic suit that you will most often find Karl in, carrying his original Karl Who bag designed by Naco Paris.  The brand really took off quickly in 2016 as more and more people began spreading the word, Karl Who? People loved the character so much and what the line represented.  They loved that the brand was designed to tribute and pay homage to those that have inspired us through the years.  As Meghan Reilly, CEO says, "The brand is not for everyone.  It takes someone special to wear our designs." 
Karl Who by Socialitte
 Today's pop culture definitely played a role in the creation of Socialitte, with bold colors and in your face designs.  Close friend and famed Pop Artist, Shane Bowden fell in love with it too.  He couldn't get enough of the designs and is in the works of creating a unique art piece for Meghan after the Karl Who Character.  You can find his designs, inspired by Pop Culture and Luxury Fashion Houses, Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton at his gallery in La Jolla, New York and Japan.  "The line is also not limited just for women, "Meghan states.  Many men love our sweaters and tee's and we want to be able to provide a line of luxury outerwear for both men and women, and recently released for babies and children. Our matching tees and sweaters are the perfect Christmas gift this year.  Once you put one on, it is very hard to take it off and when you do, you end up putting it back on because of the warm and cozy, luxury feel.
Shane Bowden Art
We can't wait to release more designs and grow the brand with everyone that continues to love and support us! We love you Karl!

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