Karl Lagerfeld opens up about his 50 year collaboration with Fendi

Karl Lagerfeld Hard at Work

There are anniversaries, and then there are ANNIVERSARIES!

Legendary fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld opens up about his 50 year collaboration with the italian fashion house, Fendi.
A fashion fairy tale come true, Karl Lagerfeld celebrated the longest collaboration in fashion history.  As Fendi celebrated their 90 year anniversary, Lagerfeld celebrated his 50 years working as their creative director.  
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Seen below, a much younger Karl Lagerfeld is photographed with Fendi sisters Franca, Carla, Anna, Paola and Alda.
How did they celebrate 50 years together?
According to Bazaar magazine, "... Fendi threw a fete of fabled proportions, hosting an outdoor haute couture fur fashion show in the famed Trevi Fountain (that's right, in it), followed by a breathtakingly beautiful dinner for 600 at the Villa Borghese's Terrazza del Pincio. The biggest coup, perhaps, was Lagerfeld's clear Plexiglas runway that stretched over the fountain's pool, allowing each model in the show, led by Kendall Jenner, to stride across as though effortlessly walking on water."
The Who's Who of fashion were there.  From Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue wearing her infamous glasses to A list celebrities, like Kate Hudson. All came straight from Paris Fashion week in private jets to attend his party.  They wouldn't miss this for the world.  As Karl Lagerfeld quoted, "Everythingfad will now look modest next to this."
Seen wearing his infamous black glasses, Karl Lagerfeld wore a black suit, black glasses, and black tie. What else would he wear of course! Lagerfeld quoted, "It was a magical moment." In his seven decades in fashion, he has seen it all.  From his not so modest productions and designs with Chanel to his 2007 Fendi show that was staged on the Great Wall of China.  What mattered most to Karl however was something that began back in 1956 in his early thirties and had gone perfectly interrupted for 50 years and was still alive today.
Karl Lagerfeld
At his party, Karl Lagerfeld quotes, "It's the longest collaboration in fashion," the designer says proudly of his record contract. "No one has lived long enough to do it for such a long time, and I'm not tired of it at all. I even think I work better today and have a clearer head. My work is a bigger priority now than when I was younger, and it's a very good thing."

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