About Us

Socialitte is a contemporary brand of street-chic, luxury apparel that is inspired by Pop Culture and Fashion Icons.  Representing bold colors and one of a kind designs, the brand combines high quality fabrics with edgy satirical designs.  Socialitte was created in 2015 out of San Diego, CA.  Paying homage to the most legendary fashion icon of them all, Karl Lagerfeld, fashion enthusiast/founder, Meghan Reilly decided it was time to design a collection showing Karl Lagerfeld our appreciation to how much he has impacted the world of fashion.  


Also tributing Naco-Paris, "Karl Who" design worn by Karl Lagerfeld himself, the original cartoon designed by Meghan Reilly emulates a fun, pop version of Lagerfeld showing off his unique characteristics and edgy wardrobe.  Following in his footsteps, will be more fashion icons, such as Anna Wintour with our Anna Who Collection as well as other fashion icons that have made an impact in fashion history.  


Whether dressed down or dressed up, our luxury apparel and accessories push the limit that there is no beauty without strangeness.  As fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld says, "the advantage of fashion is that there is no racism."  Stay tuned for what's next in line from Socialitte and follow the journey along with us! 


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